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Price(USD) Order Online
A-PDF Merger 9891-1 $35
A-PDF Merger Command Line 9891-2 $35
A-PDF Split 9891-3 $35
A-PDF Split Command Line 9891-4 $35
A-PDF Size Splitter 9891-11 $49
A-PDF Content Splitter 9891-25 $79
A-PDF Scan and Split 9891-30 $49
A-PDF Page Size Split 9891-34 $49
A-PDF Manual Split 9891-31 $27
A-PDF INFO Changer Command Line 9891-7 $35
A-PDF Restrictions Remover 9891-10 $9.99
A-PDF Restrictions Remover Command Line 9891-12 $35
A-PDF Text Extractor Command Line 9891-13 $35
A-PDF Image Extractor 9891-14 $27
A-PDF Password Security 9891-15 $27
A-PDF Password Security Service 9891-27 $99
A-PDF Image to PDF 9891-16 $35
A-PDF Deskew 9891-17 $27
A-PDF to Black/White 9891-18 $27
A-PDF Image Downsample 9891-19 $27
A-PDF Word to PDF 9891-20 $39
A-PDF Excel to PDF 9891-22 $39
A-PDF PPT to PDF 9891-21 $39
A-PDF Office to PDF 9891-28 $49
A-PDF Publisher to PDF 9891-39 $39
A-PDF Infopath to PDF 9891-40 $39
A-PDF Visio to PDF 9891-42 $39
A-PDF DjVu to PDF 9891-41 $39
A-PDF AutoCAD to PDF 9891-43 $39
A-PDF HTML to PDF 9891-23 $39
A-PDF Watermark 9891-24 $35
A-PDF Page Master 9891-26 $35
A-PDF Batch Print 9891-29 $27
A-PDF Rename 9891-32 $27
A-PDF Text Replace 9891-33 $35
A-PDF Page Cut 9891-35 $35
A-PDF Data Extractor 9891-52 $39
A-PDF Form Data Extractor 9891-36 $39
A-PDF Scan Optimizer 9891-37 $39
A-PDF Creator 9891-38 $27
A-PDF Page Crop 9891-44 $35
A-PDF Thumbnailer 9891-45 $27
A-PDF Label 9891-46 $27
A-PDF N-up Page 9891-48 $27
A-PDF to Excel 9891-49 $39
A-PDF Explorer 9891-50 $27
A-PDF Number Pro 9891-51 $35
A-PDF AutoMail 9891-53 $49
A-PDF Scan Paper 9891-54 $39
A-PDF to Image 9891-55 $27
A-PDF Page Turner 9891-56 $99
A-PDF FlipBook Creator 9891-57 $99
A-PDF Image to FlipBook 9891-58 $99
A-PDF Mailer 9891-59 $49
A-PDF Preview and Rename 9891-60 $39
A-PDF Filler 9891-61 $27
A-PDF TIFF Merge and Split 9891-62 $27
Javascript SlideShow Builder 9891-63 $27
A-PDF Photomark 9891-64 $27
JavaScript News Ticker 9891-65 $27
A-PDF Photo Touch 9891-66 $27
A-PDF Flip PowerPoint 9891-67 $99
A-PDF Flip Word 9891-68 $99
A-PDF Photo SlideShow Builder 9891-69 $27
A-PDF Content Splitter Service 9891-70 $99
A-PDF to Video 9891-71 $39
A-PDF PPT to EXE 9891-72 $27
A-PDF Photo Exif Editor 9891-73 $27
A-PDF PPT to Video 9891-74 $27
A-PDF Photo Collage Builder 9891-75 $27
A-PDF Flash to Video 9891-76 $27
A-PDF Flash Package Builder 9891-77 $27
A-PDF Image Converter Pro 9891-78 $27
A-PDF Photo Cool Maker 9891-79 $27
A-PDF OCR 9891-80 $27
Wav to MP3 Converter 9891-81 $9.9
Screen Video Capture 9891-82 $27
All to MP3 Converter 9891-83 $27
Photo Framer 9891-84 $27
A-PDF Comment Collector 9891-101 $27
A-PDF Preview and Move 9891-105


A-PDF Watermark Service 9891-118 $99
A-PDF Quizzer 9891-128 $39
A-PDF PPT to Flash 3D Wall 9891-288 $49
A-PDF PPT to iPad 9891-289 $49
A-PDF Barcode Split Service 9891-250 $99
A-PDF to Flash Converter 9891-293 $39
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  1. What will happen after I place my order online?
  2. How to order with Phone/Mail/Fax/Check?
  3. Can I use Paypal?
  4. Can I get the moeny back if I am not satisfied?
  5. What is your upgrade policy?
  6. How can I find my lost license key?
  7. How can I get the invoice of my order?
  8. How do I get a free license?

What will happen after I place my order online?

After your order is processed, a registration code or URL download link will be sent to you via e-mail. Simply enter the registration code in the trial product you downloaded to unlock the full version.


How to order with Phone/Mail/Fax/Check?

If you are not comfortable ordering online with a credit card, you are welcome to choose an offline order option in the payment section of the order process. We accept mail, fax, wire, and PO (if applicable) ordering options in addition to ordering online. We also provide phone orders through our 24x7 order desk at 1-877-353-7297, or (952) 646-5331 for International Callers. Please note that all of the offline ordering options do have additional fees for processing.

To place an order by mail, fax, wire, and PO (when applicable), use the online form and then choose one of these payment options found in the Payment Method section of the form. Once submitted online, the appropriate information will be provided to you in your web browser to send your payment to us off line.


Can I use Paypal?

Yes, you can order with Paypal as easily as with a credit card. Or you can use our email address: pay AT a-pdf.com


Can I get the moeny back if I am not satisfied?

30_day money back guarantee

We want you to be 100% satisfied, so we offer an unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.


What is your upgrade policy?


All of our product is free to upgrade. Just download the last version at the web page, your license code will be available for ever!


How can I find my lost license key? How can I get the invoice of my order?

You can pull up a copy of your order by entering your email address. After you find your order, you may view its status, view details of your order (including the license key), and obtain the invoice. Click here to look up the order »


How do I get a free license?

You can get a free license of our products using one of the methods below:

  1. Talk about how you use the product at your blog, and notify us.
  2. Translate A-PDF Merger into your language. More detail »
  3. With the TrialPay program, you can get a fully-licensed version of A-PDF Restrictions Remover free. More detail »



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